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Colorful Socks Trend in Men's Clothing

  • In recent years, we know that men’s trends in street style became popular as much as woman’s. If women can be a step ahead inattention to detail, the same is true for stylish men. Colorful men's socks are the main part of these details in the new season!

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It's the first choice of style conscious men to wear their colorful and funky socks behave bravely, rather than showing their bare ankles when wearing rolled up jeans and shoes. Inspired by colorful socks that Giotto Calendoli and Justin O’Shea often add to their combinations, you can color up your casual suit or your business suit and show off. This trend, which is often used by the new generation of men, adds vitality to the style and the trend expands its sphere of influence this season. In order to not to be a victim of this trend consider following suggestions;


  1. What’s the correct length for men’s jeans? It’s an important detail. For the sake of colorful socks, the hems do not have to be ultra short.
  2. You can try wearing contrasting colors socks when dressing in the same color from top to toe. This season’s most clever move would be to listen to the following advise, “buy as many different colored socks as possible“.
  3. To avoid looking out of fashion, you should pair colorful socks with simple trousers. Colorful socks will be lost under ripped jeans.
  4. On cold winter days, you can combine your colorful socks with scarves, beanies and leather gloves to strengthen your outfit for a more self-confident look 
  5. If you cannot give up white sneakers even in winter, try to wear them with white graphics socks

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