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Colourful socks and the benefits…

Some may say ‘’ how come ’’… Please do not be judgemental. We are sure you will agree with us after reading our article and you’ll even use our article to reprimand those who judge you for your colorful socks.

There is an advertisement that everyone is talking about nowadays.  Whilst they are pointing out the specialty of the product, they are giving messages through the ‘’ lost another half of a pair of blue socks’’

Let’s remember that advertisement… The poetic way at the beginning of the advertisement.

I’m a single blue sock


I’m alone


All Alone




How they enjoy being spun around


and me, all alone… forgotten ….all by myself in a corner


We were separated before being put in the washing machine.


But she still didn't realize I was gone...


Leaving this place is the best thing I can do.


All by myself,  far away…


We guess you could understand from this advertisement the benefit of colorful socks?

1-) It’s OK even if you lose one of them!

Wearing colorful socks is a solution to resolve this issue. You can always match and combine your socks with a different pair when you lose one of your socks. Think about it, you are in a rush in the morning and you just can’t find the missing pair. Just pick another sock from your drawer and you are ready.


2-) Look And Feel Younger, Be More Energetic!

Colorful socks make you look full of energy! It doesn’t matter whether it’s a suit or tracksuit trousers, you can always wear a pair of colorful socks. Self-confident personalities aren’t afraid of wearing a pair of colorful socks wherever and whenever they want.


3-) You can re-purpose your old socks!  

Katie Sprout creates incredible puppets from her old socks and you can watch them on her youtube channel. You can also entertain the little ones by creating puppets with your old socks.


4-) You don’t spend hours matching them after laundry!!

Colorful socks save you time… You don’t need to worry about matching your shoes or matching your trousers. You can easily wear any color trousers or shoes with your colorful socks.

Don’t forget, Pixter can match any color!


5-) They are unisex!

Colorful socks can be worn by anyone. You can even share your drawer with your husband or wife and pick a pair of socks based on your daily mood. Reminder: Please purchase 2 pairs of the socks you love,  to avoid any arguments over a pair of socks !! :)

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