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Colours to Improve Your Mood!

At Pixter & Bro we know that the colour therapy has been around for a long time and that the colours we have around our environment can influence our mood. So we decided to help you find the perfect pair of socks to match your mood.

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? The pace of life is getting on top of you? Then you need to relax and calm yourself with tones of blue. Pick up a pair of our seamless Elton Low Cut Socks with blue lines to ease your mind.

Do you need a creative boost? Some mental stimulation? Orange is the colour for creativity. Put on our orange toned Mushroom socks which are 80% cotton for your comfort. Or if you prefer socks for trainers opt for our Mars Low cut socks, inspired by the surfaces of the red planet.

Want to perk up your mood? Then you need to fill your life with yellow sunshine! Ladies and men can opt for our unisex and super cute Bicycle Low Cut socks. Pedal your way to a better mood :)

If you need confidence and courage then fill your toes with red. Red has high visibility and will be an eye catcher. Red also indicates strength and energy. Look no further than our fun and tasteful Yeah Socks. Feeling bold? Then go a step further with our Fire Socks. These are not for shrinking violets.

At Pixter & Bro we understand that you need to fill your life with comfort and joy which is why our scented seamless socks feel wonderful on your feet! Combined with beautiful graphics and innovative designs our socks will let you fly with colours!

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