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Halloween Costumes and Masks

Since at least the 16th century, and probably much longer ago than that, All Hallows’ Eve, wherever it has been observed, has involved dressing up.


Mass produced costumes specifically designed for Halloween first appeared in stores in the 1930s, just as trick or treating was getting underway and everyone spent the first part of their party night out on the streets in search of candy and fun. Before then, costumes and masks were mostly homemade and usually just for children. They were supposed to be scary or of supernatural beings. Often they consisted of not much more than a weird papier-mache mask or one was drawn on ordinary thick paper or card, tied on with string. Witches, skulls, and spooks were popular, but most were just downright peculiar, depending on the maker’s skills and imagination.


Among the first commercially produced costumes, witches, goblins, ghosts, skeletons and pumpkins reigned supreme, with pirates clowns, and even mummies getting in on the act. Favorite movie characters, such as Sis Hopkins from the 1919 comedy film of the same name, had already made their appearance. The scarier variety from the increasingly popular horror genre, such as Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster, gradually began to turn up on the doorstep, followed by zombies, werewolves, and aliens. Superheroes weren’t far behind. 


These days it’s not just the kids who indulge the fancy dress. The most popular adult themes are witch, pirate, vampire, cat, and clown. Each year among grown-ups and youngsters alike, movie stars, musicians, cartoon characters and even politicians make their appearance, alongside cowboys, angels, princesses, and anything catches the imagination.


If you want to stick to traditional themes and pumpkins have never gone out of style. It’s fun to make your own costume, but if you feel you are not skillful enough or have no time, it’s not cheating to buy one in vintage style. An original would be terrific but would probably be expensive.


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