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How To Keep White Shoes Clean

Although the fear factor is there, the best method for cleaning white shoes is to put them in the washing machine on a cold rinse programme. In fact, the results can be surprisingly good if you do so.


You can cold wash your white shoes in a cold wash or short wash programme. We advise that you soak them in the water for a while before you put them into the washing machine if they are excessively dirty. Remember to remove the laces and put them in too! If you are still worried about the effects of a machine wash, try our other tips.


Put a little hair shampoo on a piece of cloth or an old toothbrush, dip into hot water then rub it onto the dirty sections of your white shoes. The shampoo not only takes the dirt off quickly and efficiently but will also not damage the shoe. Another recommended product would be stain removers; you can use the stain remover with a hot cloth.


If you are still worried about washing your shoes in the washing machine, another tip is white vinegar. Just drop a few drops of white vinegar on a cotton cloth or kitchen towel before you rub it into your shoes, you will see how clean your shoes will be with the magic of white vinegar.


You can also find magic white erasers in the supermarkets. These erasers are really helpful to get rid of stubborn stains. Just wet the sponge with a little bit of water and rub it in; you will see just how well stubborn stains come off. You can rub it in for longer if the stains are quite big.


Please remember, this procedure is especially for the stubborn stains in small areas. The results won’t be satisfying if you try such procedures on the whole surface of your shoe. However, you can use also use a thin layer of white nail varnish to cover the stains as well.  


If they are permanent stains and cannot be removed, you can try other ways of rescuing your shoes, such as adding some stickers, patchwork, beads too. 


Most of the time, we ignore the importance of our shoelaces …. Remember, the devil is in the detail.  Actually, stained laces are one of the main reasons that our shoes look dirtier than they are. You can replace your stained laces with a new pair of laces and you will be shocked to see how much difference it makes to your shoes. 

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