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People wearing colourful socks are more creative and successful!

What do you think about socks? Are they just a tool for your need or the reflection of your thoughts and personality? Research shows that the socks you choose are not only telling about who you are, but are also a reflection of what people think about you…Do you want to know how? Here are the details of the research and how people see you based on your socks!


An Opportunity to show your personality!


Harmony is something we all care about… We try hard to look good and stylish with the worry of not going along with the common rules, as we don’t want to look too different…We care about how others think about us… However, socks are not part of the worry when it comes to style for some of us… Socks are hidden behind jeans, a humble and almost forgotten part of our attire but wearing them in stylish ways makes us feel great about ourselves.


What do others think about you and your colorful and joyful socks?


An article in the Consumer Research Magazine stated that people who aren’t stuck with the standard norms are thought to be more successful than the others. What do people think of you when you wear a pair of neon, rainbow or leopard socks? Research shows that wearing different and unique style socks makes others think that you are a competent person. In other words, people may think you are more creative and successful.


Based on research by Harvard University, Silvia Bellezza, Francesca Gino, and Anat Keinan announced that ‘’Our research shows that incompatible behaviors can be more rewarding than compatible behaviors. Wearing inharmonious styles and colors on socks on purpose and showing it without the worry of other’s opinion may prove that you are a competent person.’’

Perception of colorful socks


Northwestern University researched the effect of different styles and neon colors. The research, led by Social Psychologist Dr. Adam Galinsky, shows that the clothes we wear have an impact on our thoughts, emotions, and reactions: unusual and extraordinary socks show self-confidence and uniqueness, which is exactly what makes us successful. This rules also apply to social trends and what others think about us. A pair of black socks proves that we are more conservative and hide behind the standard norms whereas trendy, colorful socks prove that we aren’t afraid of other’s opinions about us and reflects our self-confidence.

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