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The Benefits of Removing Shoes Inside Your Home

Did you know that in the majority of Asian countries it is common practice to remove your shoes when entering your home? This is not so usual in the UK and Europe but it is catching on fast and truly there are many benefits!
1. By removing your shoes when entering the home you greatly reduce the chances of bringing germs and bacteria into your home and carpets. Statistics show that there are as many germs on shoe soles as there are on a toilet seat! Yuck! Leave the trainers on the rack.
2. Taking off your shoes gives your feet a chance to breathe. Wearing light cotton socks inside can help your feet breathe and are better for them than being stuck in sweaty shoes all day. Pixter & Bro socks are 80% cotton and very soft and comfortable making them perfect for wearing inside the home. It's all about comfort and joy!
3. You have less cleaning if you remove your shoes. Apart from germs your shoes also tend to bring in lots of dirt and dust from the outside. We don't need this at home, let's leave dirt and mess outside where it belongs! Your carpets will thank you for it.
4. Your feet will love you! Removing shoes at home gives your feet a chance to stretch and rest. No more being bound by tight leather. Wiggle your toes! Flex your arches. Our socks are seamless, comfortable and scented making them perfect for wearing when relaxing at home. 
5. Your floors will have less wear and tear if you walk in socks or are barefoot at home. Shoes can scratch wooden floors and also wear out carpets faster. Put on a pair of Pixter & Bro socks and let your carpets love them as much as you will. 
6. Finally, the best reason to remove shoes inside is so that you can show everyone the beautiful graphics and designs on all our socks! Our socks are high quality and will serve you well as you walk through your house, whether it's cooking in the kitchen or keeping your feet warm when brushing your teeth. Be a socks lover and find your perfect pair today! 

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