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What is Black Friday?

Every year we talk about what happened on Black Friday, which caused millions of people to go shopping like crazy.
Black Friday is a shopping spree that takes place the next morning of Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday is the 23rd of November this year. The famous brands are offering discounts up to 80% (or even more in some cases) on Black Friday. Well, if it's such a beautiful thing, why the name is Black Friday? There are two beliefs about this.
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For the Black Friday celebrations, the stores open their doors between 04:00 and 05:00. It may be called Black Friday since it has not been enlightened yet. The second belief is; Black Friday stores are completely unloaded, people crush each other and even lose their lives. That's a good reason to turn a normal day into a black one. 
Why Such a Day?
Black Friday was first used in a local newspaper in 1961. Due to the crowd of shoppers on this day which is the common discount day of the stores in America, it has been called as Black Friday. In the years that followed, this shopping spree became a tradition.
Which Products Are Available For Sale?
Almost all the products that come to your mind go on sale on Black Friday.. Dresses, shoes, mobile phones, computers, televisions, socks are the most common products. We can say that there is a great interest especially in technological products. Black Friday is the most competitive selling day of the year, so it makes sense that it’s also one of the busiest days to shop. What only matters is that who gives the best deals! 
 What is happening on Black Friday?
In this adventure-filled day, almost all Americans are forced to go shopping. According to the survey, 100 million people are expected to visit the stores this year. In the 4-day shopping process, 40 Billion Dollars is estimated to be spent. 
Black Friday provides a great flow of hot money to companies.
Every year police warns retailers in the UK for some time that they must have enough security to handle Black Friday sales. ‘’Black Friday is designed around scarcity’’ explains Kate Nightingale, a customer psychologist. The sales operate around the fact that there is a limited supply of goods. Rare items are seen to be more valuable. 
Sure, Black Fridays are amazing, but is heading out the stores bright and early to fight the crowds worth it? We don’t think it is necessary. Just sit in front of your computer, relax and place your cool Pixter&Bro sock order. Enjoy the comfort and style with our cotton rich socks

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