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What to take with you when Interrailing!

 Interrail is a wonderful adventure, particularly for University students; it fits a budget and brings alive the imaginings of a traveler around Europe. If you are ready to set off but are wondering what to take with you, read on. Preparing your bag for Interrail is key, but what to put in it? We hope that this article will provide up-to-date useful tips as to what to take and the essentials for any Interrail traveler…



A padlock

You will usually be provided with a cupboard to store your belongings when you stay in a hostel or lodgings. Taking a padlock with you will allow you to go out freely without worrying about your possessions. You can lock it at any time and keep your personal belongings safe.


A portable charger


You are in a new country and are taking many photographs to share with your loved ones… you will need a charger to allow this.  In fact, having a portable charger will enable you to stay in contact and have reliable communication at all times.


A small rucksack or bum bag/ fanny pack

You cannot go out everywhere and anywhere with your large travel rucksack. For this reason, you need a smaller, more portable bag to carry your wallet/purse, phone, charger, ID, and camera etc. for local outings; a small secure rucksack would be best.


Clothes, Shoes & Socks 

Clothes are, of course, an essential for any type of holiday or trip. However, you need to be more restrictive when choosing what to take Interrailing. Instead of 2 pairs of shoe max. and enough clothes for each day of the holiday,  you have to be prepared to combine and wear outfits more than once! In this way, you won`t be overburdened with clothes.  Pixter&Bro Traveller collection socks come well recommended. Bear in mind that you can always purchase any necessary extras (hence momentos)  on your travels too…



Personal Hygiene

Again, it is better to limit the amount you take and choose the smaller travel versions: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, lip balm, a small mirror, cologne, 2-in-2 shampoo & conditioner, shower gel/soap, sanitary items are of course all essential.


General hygiene


Even if you research the places you will be staying in beforehand, you can still have unexpected `surprises`. If hygiene or feeling the cold is an issue for you, it might be wise to pack a pillowcase and a light, polar blanket just in case. 



Painkillers, medicine, Vitamins & First Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to have a small bag of medical essentials in your rucksack which should include painkillers, vitamins, plasters, personal medication and a small pair of scissors.


Umbrella or light raincoat

We hope you will not face much rain or mud on your Interrail travels but it`s better to be prepared. For this reason, a light, collapsible travel umbrella or light, a foldaway raincoat is recommended. You wouldn`t want to catch a cold on your travels…


Passport, a passport photocopy, and passport photos

You must certainly take your passport, a photocopy of it and a couple of passport photos with you. Of course, you won`t let your passport out of your sight but, again, better to be prepared for any eventuality and the photocopy and extra photos may prove very useful.



Useful Apps

There are a few apps that could be usefully downloaded before you go: Railplanner (to check train times), Triposo and CityMaps2Go (can be used even when there is no internet connection available).



InterRail Ticket & Money

Two vital items are of course your Interrail ticket and money. Again, a photocopy of your Interrail ticket could prove invaluable. Remember to check you have these before you set off!


A small notebook

A small notebook will prove invaluable for jotting down memorable moments,  useful addresses, phone numbers and making notes. You might even want to doodle during your free time.



Sweet and salty snacks

Taking a few, familiar, durable snacks with you might ease you (and your stomach) into your travels. You wouldn’t want to go hungry, would you? A selection of salty and sweet snacks should do the trick.

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